For the first time in history, Shanxi Province, the city on the North of China, opened its door for the first international mapping event in China – ACSEE 2020. The video mapping contest lasted for two days – 20-21 January. During these days over 49 works from 22 different countries were displayed on the Wall of Datong.

The ACSEE 2020 welcomed 102 artists to take part in the contest. The videos of our participants performances reached over 1 250K views and 2,770 votes in total during the audience choice award.

ACSEE team works daily to create new media art opportunities all around the world. Stay tuned!

Datong City
Shan xi Province, China
1st place
Magnetic Field
VPM | Spain
Shortlisted winners
Time Warp
Eri Harigai | Japan
Unity in Diversity
Ruang Mapping | Indonesia
New Creative Energy
DizArt Studio | Ukraine
Phoenix Returns
Li Cheng | China
EuroVideoMapping | Germany
Audience choice award winner
Unity in Diversity
Ruang Mapping | Indonesia

Jury 2020

aka. Michiyuki ISHITA

Creative director, Spatial designer, Video artist, Event planner

Representative of Projection Mapping Association of Japan(PMAJ). He produces dynamic projection videos by using various techniques and performs all over the world. He studied at Scenography, Display and Fashion Design of Musashino Art University.

In recent years, MICHI has been performing as a pioneer of video projection mapping and has been contributing to many promotional projects and public events.

MICHI is the creator of “Projection Mapping Association of Japan” in 2011. He founded the Asian’s largest international video mapping competition – “1-minute projection mapping” in 2012. He is a producer and a director of various projects in the field of business, entertainment, local branding, large scale events.

Jimmy Choi
Cai ziwen

ACSEE FESTIVAL founder and United VJs Asia co-founder

Founder of the new media art education company – MIX MEDIA. He took part in “The 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China – CENTRAL TV TOWER LIGHT FESTIVAL”, “Guangzhou Academy of Fine arts – Graduation season building mapping show 2019”, “Central Academy of Fine Arts – Graduation season fulldome show 2019”. Jimmy was a director of Nansha water town street mapping show.

His main focus is training courses and the exploration of new-media art talents. The courses of Fulldome, 3D Mapping, Touchdesigner interactive have been set up in Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, and Central Academy of Fine Arts under his guidance.

VJ Zaz
Pedro Zaz

A Portuguese new-media artist

Pedro Zaz is a Portuguese new-media artist, working internationally with VJ, projection mapping, Spatial Audio and as an artist in fulldome / immersive cinema. Zaz was a jury member of Mapping Festival VJ Competition, VJ Torna Brasil, LPM Festival, Circle of Light, Mapping Festival Switzerland. He is the co-founder of the international acclaimed video artist group United VJs.

Pedro is also a director and one of the principle organisers of the film festival FULLDOME UK. In the field of fulldome, he has also co-created the software Blendy Dome VJ. The artist also founded the education platform VJ University which provides specific art & technology training for VJs and other visual artists around the world.

VJ Spetto

A world-known new media artist from Brazil

He was responsible for the projection mapping of the opening Ceremonies of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games and XI South American Games Cochabamba 2018.

VJ Spetto is a pioneer of the genre in Brazil and a specialist in projection mapping, VJing, Video Performance and Interactive installations. Over the past decades he has performed in all major cities in Brazil and all over the world. He is the creator and co-founder of the group of international artists United VJs, one of the most influential producers of Video Mapping in the world. Spetto, together with Pedro Zaz and Roger Sodré created Blendy Dome VJ, the acclaimed mapping software for fulldomes.

Nataliia Fotiieva

Project manager, Creative event planner

Nataliia has recognizable years of experience in organizing creative cultural events. Since 2017 she has been working as the project manager of the Kyiv Light Festival mapping contest, which has become the biggest cultural event in Ukraine. Nataliia led projects within large scale festivals and concerts. She has a wide range of successful cases with famous international brands, such as Mastercard, Philip Morris, Mazda, Subaru, etc.

Nataliia is known as the project leader of the Giant skull 3D mapping project for Ukrainian pop singer, Max Barskih.


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